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Why Choose Simple Life Divers?
Koh Tao Thailand

When planning your holiday you want to be sure to choose the right PADI dive center & resort. So what’s special and unique about Simple Life Divers?

Here are 10 reasons why Simple Life Divers is the best choice for you.

1. Long History of Simple Life on Koh Tao

Long before the formation of our diving school, Simple Life existed as a beachfront resort and restaurant, constituting one of the founding influences of the Koh Tao community.

Setup more than 20 years ago in the center of now popular Sairee Beach, Simple Life developed a special reputation for providing a paradise-island style experience. Value accommodation, exciting Thai and international cuisine, spectacular scenery and great atmosphere.

Times change and Koh Tao has grown in popularity. But we still maintain the core values that made Simple Life unique, whilst providing modern comforts and amenities for a perfect stay.

Simple Life Divers builds on these values delivering quality scuba diving experiences in a social atmosphere.

Much of our business is a result of word of mouth and many of our guests and divers return time after time.

2. European Owned & Managed PADI Diving Resort

Simple Life Diving Koh Tao is European owned and run. We do things properly, maintaining high standards for both quality of service and safety. You couldn’t be in better hands for either a PADI certification or dive tours around Koh Tao.

3. Great Location on Sairee Beach Koh Tao

The main focal point of Koh Tao is Sairee Beach. This is the longest beach on the island, where the majority of attractions are located.

Simple Life operate three resorts all situated along Sairee Beach.

Our accommodation is quiet and pleasant, with everything you need close-by.

4. Huge Range of Sairee Beach Accommodation

Whatever your budget and expectations, Simple Life is in a position to provide.

Our three resorts each offer accommodation aimed at different tiers.

Simple Life Talay offers economical options including shared dorms, private fan rooms and cosy a/c bungalows looking out to the ocean.

Simple Life Resort is our mid-range option. 55 comfortable hotel rooms set in the heart of Sairee Village.

And Simple Life Cliff View is out top-end option. Amazing hotel suites cluster around cascading swimming pools, with the front of the resort opening out to incredible views across the bay toward nearby Koh Nangyuan.

5. Safe, Friendly & Fun Scuba Diving

Quality of diver education and safety is serious, and at Simple Life Diving we place paramount importance on making sure our school runs properly.

Our objective is to give everyone a safe diving experience, with our students qualifying as confident and competent divers. If planning on taking your PADI dive certification, you can’t be in better hands.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!

Simple Life Divers has a great social atmosphere. Our staff and instructors really enjoy working in diving (who wouldn’t!), and around the dive school there’s an exciting, dynamic environment with lots going on.

Whether you’re taking diving courses or just enjoying ‘fun dives, we’re certain you’ll have a great time.

In addition to the scuba diving, we have our own on-site bars and restaurants, so if you’re after a few cold beers and a bit of socializing, you don’t need to go far!

6. Premier Scuba Diving Facilities on Koh Tao

Simple Life Divers are lucky to have two great dive boats which are among the best in this part of Thailand; Spacious and comfortable with onboard air compressor (equals no carrying heavy tanks), sun deck, briefing area, diver platform, W/C and refreshments.

Similarly our shop rental dive equipment is professional standard, all brand name gear and properly maintained by our in-house certified technician.

Our dive school has three modern air conditioned classrooms, so any diving theory sessions are conducted in comfort, plus we have wifi throughout so you can catch up on your emails.

And for shallow water training we’ve built two swimming pools specifically for dive training (each at different depth). If you are planning to learn to dive with us, your first underwater breaths will be in ideal conditions.

We have a large, well organized equipment room with attached scuba gear servicing area and additional onland compressor room with nitrox blending panel.

When it comes to specialized diving activities, we can arrange whatever you need – enriched air, underwater digital cameras, dive computers, dive propulsion vehicles….

7. Experienced PADI Dive Instructors & Small Group Sizes

Simple Life has a team of very experienced diving instructors,.

We maintain small group sizes, so you have plenty of contact time with the instructor, not feel rushed or uncomfortable, and qualify as a safe, confident PADI diver.

8. Long Established PADI Dive School

Simple Life is a smooth running, experienced and professional operation.

Simple Life Divers was setup almost 20 years ago since which many dive shops have come and gone, but we continue to deliver. We’ve taught many many thousands of PADI divers, and are continually training new dive professionals.

Over the years we’ve heard countless stories where people took a course, never got certified and the dive shop where they learnt disappeared or went out of business. We are here to stay!

We don’t stop developing and improving our dive school, reinvesting and making sure we stay at the top.

9. PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center

Whatever your level of scuba diving, Simple Life Divers can cater for you.

Not only are we teaching all mainstream PADI courses from Open Water Diver through to PADI Instructor, with a wide offering of specialty courses, but also provide a range of specialized diving activities.

If you’re interested in getting into photography, technical diving or marine conservation we can sort you out.

Similarly, if you’re already a qualified dive instructor and want to advance your career prospects with PADI MSDT or PADI IDC Staff our IDC team can assemble a package to suit you.

There’s always a new, exciting challenge waiting for you with Simple Life Divers.

10. Medium Sized Koh Tao Diving Resort on Sairee Beach

Dive shops come in a lot of shapes and sizes!

Busy dive schools are able to re-invest in the best accommodation, diving equipment and dive boats, so have great facilities. The problem is they can get too big becoming a victim of their own success, dealing with big agents and expensive marketing campaigns, they attract and ‘process’ hundreds of divers per day. In some cases the personal touch and overall quality of experience can be lost. No-one wants to feel like just another customer!

At the other end of the scale, very quiet dive shops can struggle, with limited funds to re-invest in maintaining and improving their services. Fuel costs can become a limiting factor, so may be restrictive as to which dive sites are viable.

Simple Life Divers Koh Tao is perfectly placed to provide you with the best all-round diving holiday experience. We’re busy but not massive, so there’s a great social atmosphere and facilities, whilst keeping a personal feel to the school. We deliver a high standard of PADI dive training where you’ll really get to know your instructor. Plus we’re able to offer quality resort accommodation and premier diving facilities. All this adds up to ensure you have a great experience with Simple Life Divers.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our past divers say on Tripadvisor.

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  • Rich

    Rich, UK

    Crew are simply the best, boats are the best, location, great place to hang for a beer

  • Karin

    Karin, London

    ...encouraged and supported me. I recommend Simple life for every level of scuba & want to say a big thank you

  • Joey

    Joey, USA

    I honestly couldn't have had a better experience, in fact none of us could! Changed our lives forever