Paid work as a Divemaster in Koh Tao
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Paid Work as Divemaster or Instructor
in Koh Tao Thailand

On graduating as a PADI Divemaster or Instructor, you can put your new rating to use, seeking employment in the dive industry.

There are no guarantees as obviously it depends on you. But Koh Tao is a popular dive destination, so opportunities come up across the island on a very regular basis. And we like to keep out best gruaduates busy here at Simple Life!

Once in a position to accept paid work there are a couple of bits of paperwork to sort out. These are tied to your employer and are usually sorted out by their lawyer / accountant – it’s straightforward.

Or if you are keen to see more of the world, your DM or Instructor rating is a great way to travel and work in some amazing destinations.

A powerful tool you’ll have at your disposal is the Pro section of the PADI website, which features international job postings across the globe.

Dive Internships in Koh Tao, Thailand

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Past Crew

  • Whitney V

    Whitney V, Canada

    that is where I saw my very first whale shark! By far, the best day of my underwater life, possibly my entire life :)

  • Barny Thorsby

    Barny Thorsby, UK

    the loosest place ive ever lived, koh tao is your ticket to a new world. Just take the plunge

  • Davoc

    Davoc, UK

    spent 8 months on Koh Tao. I love this place. It’s amazingly beautiful, amazingly good fun, filled with amazing people