Start Dates & Best Months to Come

At Simple Life Divers we run our scuba diving internships as a rolling program. We’re open all year round and Koh Tao has a 12 month diving season.

So your dive internship start date is completely flexible.  You can start whenever you want.  All we need is a little notice to get everything organised ready for your arrival and to schedule our dive crew.
Plus we try to coordinate people’s start dates together; It’s socially pleasant for you to have people going through the internship at the same time.

Best Months to begin a Dive Internship in Koh Tao?

Koh Tao has a great climate and we’re fortunate to have a 12 month diving season. The island’s sheltered position inside the Gulf of Thailand means that wave heights are low, which is good news for divers.

Our weather is usually fine all year round, with temperatures varying between 25 and 35C, generally dry and sunny. Underwater visibility is also good to excellent year round, getting up to 30M plus on the best days. (For current weather reports search google for ‘Wind Guru Koh Tao’ or visit the Thai Meteorological Department website).

The one exception is that we get an annual monsoon, usually occurring around late November each year. During the monsoon we get heavy rainfall and stronger winds, resulting in larger waves and reduced visibility underwater. It’s not as bad as it sounds and usually the rain is only for a couple of hours each day. It’s still relatively warm and we’re still out diving each day, but if you have a choice, don’t come then!

One of the diving highlights in Koh Tao are the migratory visits of the biggest fish in the sea; Whale Wharks. Sightings around Koh Tao are most common during April/May and also in September, which usually have excellent visibility. So if you’re able to coordinate your dive internship to be here during one of those months, you’ve got a good chance of having a very special scuba diving experience.

The busiest times of the year for the Koh Tao dive industry are July/August and around Christmas and the New Year. During these peak periods the island becomes very busy with divers and PADI dive courses, which is a great time for getting lots of hands-on experience during your Divemaster internship. If you’re planning to stick around once you qualify, Koh Tao’s peak seasons offer the most opportunities for paid employment.

Another consideration is the Thai New Year ‘Songkran’ celebration which takes place on April 13th. This is the hottest time of the year, when temperatures can soar up to almost 40C. The Thai’s celebrate their new year with a giant water fight, showering each other with buckets of water and talcum powder. In some parts of Thailand the festivities last for several days, but here on Koh Tao it’s mostly kept to one main day of celebration. A lot of fun to experience!

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Jacelyn, Singapore

‘We definitely have no regret choosing simple life as the starting point of our dive journey. Kudos to all the simple life crew’


Robert, Australia

‘Great crew, very professional and friendly. Cant say enough good things’


Karin, London

‘...encouraged and supported me. I recommend Simple life for every level of scuba & want to say a big thank you’


Joey, USA

‘I honestly couldn't have had a better experience, in fact none of us could! Changed our lives forever ’

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