PADI Divemaster Course
Koh Tao Thailand

  • 38,000 Baht
  • Flexible Duration (up to you!)
  • Join the Simple Life Dive Crew
  • Become an expert diver
  • Unlimited diving during DM course
  • Includes all PADI Course materials
  • Includes dive gear rental
  • Choice of Accommodation
  • Explore coral reefs, wrecks & deep sea pinnacles
  • Learn to coordinate dive trips & guide underwater tours

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Jacelyn, Singapore

‘We definitely have no regret choosing simple life as the starting point of our dive journey. Kudos to all the simple life crew’


Elise, Norway

‘This is the place to go. Those who work there are the best and you will never regret if you choose Simple Life.’


Carol, New York

‘So welcoming and helpful. Excellent experience, would highly recommend them.’


Francis, Canada

‘Its a great dive center. From the moment I passed the front door until I got my PADI I felt like I was a part of the team!’

Intro: PADI Divemaster Training on Koh Tao

PADI Divemaster is the first professional qualification in the PADI system, training you to guide certified divers on underwater tours, assist in the training of new divers and co-ordinate dive trip logistics in a leadership role.

Simple Life Divers is a great place to spend time and take DM training. We’re a medium sized dive shop which means we have a nice social atmosphere around the dive school with lots going on, yet our experienced PADI instructors teach all dive courses in small groups to make sure everyone receives quality training, enjoys themselves and qualifies as a safe, competent diver.

Here at Simple Life Divers we run the Divemaster course with flexible duration – up to you! On average most people take around 4-6 weeks training through to Divemaster, but it’s your choice; if you want to take your time and rack up lots of dives and experience that’s fine.

During your DM course you’ll go through training in sequence building up diving skills and experience and enjoying Thailand’s fantastic dive sites and marine life. We’ve got more than 25 dive sites close to the island ranging from shallow coral reefs, giant boulders, small caves and swim-throughs to deep isolated pinnacles and even a couple of ship wrecks. As your internship progresses you’ll gradually assume more responsibility, becoming part of the Simple Life dive team. You’ll be assisting with boat logistics, delivering briefings to divers, assisting student diver training, and guiding certified divers on underwater tours. You can dive as much as you want so expect to log many dives, meeting and working together with people from all over the world.

Koh Tao Divemaster Training | Schedule

As mentioned above, the duration of the Divemaster course is flexible and up to you. Typically people complete the training over 4-6 weeks.

For day to day schedule you’ll be working through training in sequence. The Divemaster course consists of three main elements; theory, shallow water skills/training and open water diving.

For all the water-work we’ll be out on the boat. Our dive boat runs twice daily; two dives in the morning (from about 07:30- 12:00), then again in the afternoon (from about 12:30 till 17:00) with night dives running several times a week.

Although it’s possible to log 4-5 dives a day and spend almost all your time out on the boat, we recommend sticking to a more sensible average of 2-3 dives per day. This is for a few reasons. Firstly it allows enough time to work through the other components of your training, (practical workshops, theory lessons, shallow water skills circuits etc). Plus if you dive too much you’ll start to get very tired, and may even have to start shortening your bottom times due to cumulative nitrogen build up (something we’ll teach you about). So better is to stick to a sensible diving volume and really enjoy those dives.

For on-land training, our team of instructors schedule activities and workshops throughout the week which you sign up to attend. This is a good system it as it means you can put extra work into your weaker areas, and move through the bits you’re strong at more quickly.
And in addition to those scheduled DMT training activities, we’re also dealing with day to day customers getting real hands on experience, so you can expect to be learning to guide certified divers on dive tours, and assisting in the training of new divers out on the boat.

In summary, the Divemaster internship structure is very fluid. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out. But it’s good to remember to be sensible, sticking to a reasonable average of 2-3 dives a day and working through the other components of your training when you’re not out diving.

Plus it is a good idea to take a day out to relax and enjoy the rest of the island from time to time.

Long Term Accommodation on Koh Tao

Alongside the Divemaster course we can help organize a range of accommodation to make sure your stay here on Koh Tao is comfortable.

Most long term dive internship trainees stay at a nearby guesthouse. You get your own private room with cable TV, fridge, en-suite western bathroom with hot water shower and fan to keep cool. There are a couple of sizes of room which run for 10,000 – 14,000 baht per month. The place is used exclusively by Koh Tao dive professionals [DMs and instructors] and long term trainees [like yourself], so is safe, secure and nice socially.

Or if you prefer something more upmarket, there are similar rooms with air conditioning or detached private bungalows starting from just a few extra thousand baht per month.

We’re happy to show you around all room options on arrival and help find somewhere you are happy with. And if you have any special requests, please feel free to include them in the following form and we’ll do our best to help.

Booking Procedure | Divemaster Course

To find out more information or book your place on the PADI Divemaster Course here on Koh Tao, please complete the following form.

We’ll reply to you asap by email.

If you do have any additional questions about the Divemaster training or life on Koh Tao, please add them in the space provided.

Professional Level PADI Training

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