Koh Tao PADI wreck diver course
PADI wreck diving specialty in Koh Tao Koh Tao PADI wreck diver course Padi wreck diving course in Koh Tao Koh Tao PADI wreck specialty PADI wreck diver course on HTMS Sattakut

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course
Koh Tao Thailand

  • 8,000 Baht
  • 3 days
  • Explore the wreck of former Thai Navy vessel HTMS Sattakut
  • Learn advanced techniques: finning, orientation, mapping, reel work
  • Course climates in opportunity for penetration dive. EXCITING!
  • Includes PADI manual and certification
  • Includes all dive gear
  • Theory plus 4 incredible dives
  • Choice of accommodation

Intro: PADI Wreck Diver course in Koh Tao

Shipwrecks rate amongst the world’s most captivating diving sites for a number of reasons; many are rich in history, offer a unique challenging terrain for exploration, plus it’s intriguing to see nature seize hold of a wreck as it rests on the ocean floor. By getting your PADI Wreck Specialty you’ll gain advanced knowledge and techniques to allow you to see more than the untrained diver.

Off Koh Tao we have an ideal site for wreck diver training; the HTMS Satttakut. This former Thai Navy vessel now lies upright in 30M of water, which is perfect for the four training dives of the course.

One of the course highlights is the opportunity for limited penetration dives inside a wreck. Once certified you’ll be able to enter up to 40 meters (depth + penetration), within the natural light zone of the wreck. (For any diver interested in more extensive penetration dives into overhead environments, the PADI Wreck Diver Course is a great place to start).

Wreck Diver Training on Koh Tao: Schedule

We run the PADI wreck diving course over three days as follows:

Day 1: Orientation and Wreck Dive 1

You will first meet your instructor and discuss how the course will run over the coming days. We’ll take care of the normal PADI paperwork then head out aboard our dive boat to complete your first wreck dive.

Training dive 1 focuses on orienting and familiarizing yourself with the layout of a wreck, and identifies possible hazards to divers.

Day 2: Wreck Research & Mapping Dive

During the morning, together with your instructor you will review some wreck diving concepts and complete a number of knowledge reviews. You’ll also conduct research into the history of the shipwreck we are diving off Koh Tao, collecting as much information as possible to increase the effectiveness of our exploratory dives.

That afternoon we will revisit the HTMS Satakkut for your second training dive, during which you will create a map detailing the layout of the wreck. We’ll refer to your map later as part of our preparation for a penetration dive, so you’ll want to do the best job possible.

Day 3: Wreck Penetration Dive

We’ll round off the course with your final two training dives.

During the first dive you will focus on-line work using a reel, learning and practicing techniques essential for penetration; tying off as you navigate around the shipwreck, maintaining contact with the line and using careful fins strokes to avoid a silt-out.

Then on training dive 4, provided conditions permit you will put all you’ve learned into practice by entering the shipwreck. Navigating the overhead environment of the ship’s interior is an exhilarating experience and sure to provide an adrenaline buzz. Explore your way through confined corridors, holds or onto the ships bridge in an unforgettable diving experience.

On returning to the dive school you’ll finally be certified as a PADI Wreck Diver.

Booking Procedure: PADI Wreck Diving Specialty

To book your spot on the PADI Wreck Diving Specialty please complete the following form.

We’ll get back to you asap by email reply.

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    This is the place to go. Those who work there are the best and you will never regret if you choose Simple Life.

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    Cant fault the company, great fun, professional teaching. Will hopefully be doing dive master with them soon.

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    No better place to dive and you'll likely come away having made some lifelong friends. Highly recommend!

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    Did my padi with these guys amazing school and great instructors