PADI Tec 50 Diver Course
Koh Tao Thailand

  • 25,000 Baht
  • 4 days
  • Get certified to make deep dives to 50M
  • Dive using 4 cylinders
  • Includes all technical diving equipment
  • Includes PADI manual & certification
  • Use up to 100% 02 blends as deco gas
  • Choice of accommodation

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Christopher, Lebanon

‘Did our open water course with John and it was a breeze, highly recommend’


Kelly, England

‘Jo was our instructor & was absolutely brilliant! We loved our time with simple life’


Rich, UK

‘Crew are simply the best, boats are the best, location, great place to hang for a beer ’


Ryan, UK

‘I can honestly say I have never had better training than was delivered. Thanks for a great course.’

Intro: PADI Tec 50 Course in Koh Tao

For the emerging entry level technical diver, who already has experience with accelerated decompression using gases of Nitrox or Oxygen. The PADI Tec 50 goals are to finish off your training as a deep air decompression diver. You will learn the techniques to plan dives to depths of up to 50 meters using 2 decompression gases of Nitrox or Oxygen, to accelerate or make decompression more conservative.The course will cover all the skills required for management of the extra cylinder, main focusof the course is mission planning and is the only one the of the Tec Rec courses which has 2 decompression dives at the end.

The 4 days of diving training are usually conducted as follows:

PADI Tec 50 Schedule:

Day 1

Upon meeting up with your instructor they will check that you have the necessary knowledge to begin you Tec 50 diver training. We will develop your thinking as a tech diver and the academic material mainly focuses on mission planning preparing you for when you are a certified Tec 50 diver.

The shallow water session which follows is skill intensive, not only do you have to effectively start managing the 2 decompression cylinders, you will also start developing more complex rescue skills. Diving deeper for longer means more decompression especially in the event of decompression gas loss, going up is no longer an option. We aim to give you the skills necessary, which hopefully you won’t need to use, such as responding to a team mate switching to the wrong gas and catastrophic gas lost air sharing. Since the dive is so skill intensive we usually split it into 2 dives, providing adequate time for briefings and debriefings.

Day 2

The mornings classroom session will review Decompression Sickness. We will also discuss the benefits and extra risks involved with the use of Trimix (A mixture of Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen) with deep diving. Gas planning is covered in detail, from now on you’ll be planning your dives along with your team members.

Later in the day onboard the dive boat you will take part in ‘workup dives’preparing you for the following days activities making sure everything is going to run smoothly.

Day 3

After completing the Final Exam (just 25 questions) in the morning, we will review your dive plan ready for the afternoon. Out onboard the Simple Life dive boat you will execute a dive along with your team members to a depth of between 30-50 meters making use of 2 decompression gases.

Day 4

A late start, as you just need to plan your dive for the afternoon, something that should be done quite efficiently at this stage. You will be planning and conducting your final training dive to a depth of 40-50 meters with use of 2 decompression gases. Upon satisfactorily completing the training requirements you will be issued with your PADI Tec 50 diver certification, you’ve come a long way.

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