Open Water Scuba Diving Skills

Posted September 3rd in Diving Courses

Following a couple of days of drizzle, the weather and diving conditions have brightened up here on Koh Tao 🙂

In the swimming pool this morning instructor Steve ran the shallow water (confined) skills section of the PADI Open Water Course.

The PADI course begins with an orientation and scuba diving theory before heading into shallow water to get familiar using a scuba unit. At Simple Life Divers we have two custom built training pools at different depths, ideal for taking your first breaths underwater.

We practice skills underwater to build confidence operating scuba gear and develop safe diving habits prior to heading out to the ocean. Skills you’ll master include:

  • How to setup a scuba unit
  • Pre-dive safety checks
  • Entering the water
  • Descents and ascents
  • Mask clearing
  • Regulator recovery and clearing
  • Buoyancy control
  • Finning techniques
  • Using hand signals to communicate
  • Breathing from an alternate air source

Steve’s session went super smoothly this morning 🙂
So tomorrow we’re headed out to the ocean for open water dives 1 and 2 where we can explore the coral reefs to a maximum depth of 12M.

Find out more: Learn to Scuba Dive in Koh Tao.


Haydon Smith

Haydon Smith

Partner and manager @ Simple Life Divers. PADI Master Instructor and DSAT Tec Deep with 20 years (and counting) in dive industry.

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