Whale shark in Koh Tao

Whale Shark Scratching Post!

Posted July 26th in Koh Tao Diving

The biggest fish in the sea!

Our morning dives at Koh Tao’s amazing Chumphon Pinnacles dive site were punctuated by the giant of the seas; a whale shark.

Whilst the shark title sounds scary, these behemoths of the ocean filter feed on microscopic nutrients.

Rather than living in one place, whale sharks are migratory moving between fertile feeding and breeding grounds.
Luckily for us, they spend a few days filter feeding around our isolated pinnacles.

So after months alone at sea, migrating across the Pacific and Indian Oceans you arrive on Koh Tao and feast on plankton.

What next?

Give yourself a good scratch against the Simple Life boat :

The whale shark gave itself a good back-scratch against the corner of the Simple Life dive boat, before heading off into the blue.

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Haydon Smith

Haydon Smith

Partner and manager @ Simple Life Divers. PADI Master Instructor and DSAT Tec Deep with 20 years (and counting) in dive industry.