Coral Restoration Project Taking Shape

Posted October 11th in Marine Conservation

One of our exciting projects here at Simple Life Divers is a coral restoration initiative.

In brief, damaged coral fragments are collected and attached to underwater nursery tables, giving the idea environment to recover and grow. One coral fragments reach sufficient health and size they can be transplanted back to the reef.

Today we’ve produced a ‘coral plant pot’. A substrate to attach healthy coral fragments to, eventually forming a new area of reef.

Using the helpful building crew at Simple Life, we poured concrete into a mould and allowed it to set. Once the concrete is dried we drill holes into the block and insert pvc pipes which are glued in place.

Blocks will be positioned underwater near existing reef.

The last step in the process is attaching coral fragments to the block. This is trickier than it sounds as the entire process must be conducted underwater using a special epoxy resin. We create a small underwater ‘bell’, making an air space in an upside down bucket by adding air from an alternate air source. Epoxy resin is prepared in the air space then used to attach coral fragments to the block.

Interested in getting involved: Marine conservation and coral restoration in Thailand


Ciaran Egan

Ciaran Egan

Director of Marine Conservation Programs at Simple Life Divers. Masters in International Marine Environment Consultancy, PADI MSDT.

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