Coral nursery dive in Koh Tao, Thailand

New Coral Nursery Dive

Posted July 4th in Marine Conservation

We’re launching a range of exciting marine conservation initiatives at Simple Life Divers.

In front of the dive shop in shallow water we’re setting up a coral nursery. Broken coral fragments are collected from the seabed and attached to the coral nursery. Custom built underwater structures which provide an ideal environment for coral to grow.

Once fragments reach sufficient size they are transplanted back to the reef.

With our new coral nursery dive you can get involved. First we go through a briefing covering the basics of coral reef restoration. Then we make a long shallow dive on the coral nursery. You can get involved in the maintenance and monitoring activities which we perform, taking an active role in coral reef conservation.

Check our our coral nursery dive page for more info.

Thailand coral nursery

Marine Conservation in Koh Tao, Thailand


Ciaran Egan

Ciaran Egan

Director of Marine Conservation Programs at Simple Life Divers. Masters in International Marine Environment Consultancy, PADI MSDT.